2017 Marketing guide for everyone

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2017 Marketing guide for everyone

2017 Marketing guide for everyone

Where should you be spending your marketing budget. 2017 Marketing guide for everyone

Business owners get bombarded my marketing calls, emails, mailers, visits and ads all day long. They all claim to be the best option with the best results and the best match for you but how can this be? The truth is that each method serve different purposes and understanding your needs, budget, and target audience is the only way to really know what method or rather combination of methods will be best for your business.

First things first let’s talk goals. If you need fast sales and lots of leads you will be taking a different approach then if you want to build long term customer base and brand awareness.  This can seem confusing but lets jump into a quick example. Say you have a garage door business and you run an ad on t.v. a lot of viewers may not immediately need your service and you may not see a direct return on investment right away. However over time the audience watching will remember your ad next time they need your service or when a friend is in need of your services.  Now lets look look at google ads.  Someone searching for your services will see your ad above natural results and can get quick business for you but overall a very small few will become aware of your brand.

Trying different things and experimenting is important to finding your perfect approach. You have to not be afraid to fail and except that not everything will be perfect but you will miss every shot you don’t take.

It is important to know the differences between Branding and Direct-Response. While some techniques offer immediate revenue they may not help your business in the long run.

Lets start by listing the different options and their strengths and weaknesses.  We will also rank them by the cost, reach,  targeted, branding, short term/long term. 

traditional mediums

finally here is a break down of the cost and
What’s the most cost effective way to advertise?

We have found that SEO, PPC, Email and content marketing are the most cost effective way to reach your audience but we still feel that businesses benefit greatly from traditional tangible advertising. We have always had the best luck with a combination of techniques done really well then doing just one perfectly or trying to do a little bit of everything and not committing. The more you know about your competitors and your ideal customers the better idea you will have of what methods to use.  

If you offer a high end product or service or something that customers tend to do a lot of research on before buying we highly recommend implementing a full inbound marketing Strategy.

What’s the Most Cost-Effective Way to Advertise Nationally?

Based on our findings, we feel that SEO, PPC advertising, email marketing, and content marketing in order are the most cost-effective ways that you can reach a national audience. Setup cost for large campaigns can be comparable to traditional methods but over time these four methods will be more affordable and provide a better return on investment. distinct advantages of these four methods:

They cost far less in the long run, and they are far more precisely targeted than other advertising methods.

If your company is looking for the most effective way to reaching its target audience, consider implementing a full inbound marketing strategy. Unlike traditional forms of national advertising, which have come to be viewed as intrusive or interruptive and have a higher cost of advertising, inbound marketing serves potential customers who have already reached your website through search or social media. There are distinct advantages to inbound marketing. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the ability to track your users and learn from their behaviors and responses to your website and content (via an analytics tool like Google Analytics). This kind of “feedback” and data can help you adjust your marketing on an ongoing basis, enabling you to better reach visitors and drive them to take action. To learn more about inbound marketing and how it can save money for your business while reaching more leads, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Inbound Marketing. Have any additional resources or data updates for this post? Feel free to leave a comment and we’ll update our information accordingly. 

tips for every media

use simple layout, avoid clutter, picture captions, only positive words.
long headlines capture more attention than short.
develop a single advertising format across all print ads double recognition

watch your commercial with the song off. Is the message still there?
can you pick one frame that sums up the whole story
capture attention in first 4 seconds
register the name of your products!
tone of your advertisement should reflect your brand personality

get a free t.v ad by giving a prize or sponsor an event that will be running lots of commercial

make sure you not them own your ad

stretch imagination
offer distinctive voice
re memorable jingle
be direct and clear
one present one message do not try to clutter to many messages into a commercial
mention the brand and the promise multiple times
radio is flexible and can be tied to fads, trends and events
radio is best way to reach teens
make use of radio merchandising services( associate your business with host, giveaways and even on their website

direct mail
make sure offer is right more then anything else
try combinations instead of single offers
offer sample(expensive but amazing return)
target audience,consumer audience, tone, and appeal
most potent appeals are: how to make money, save money save time avoid effort
Grab attention a.I.d.a formula idea structure of sales letter
dramatic opening that speaks to the audience
don’t be afraid of long copy
don’t let the reader off the hook: set deadline and push customers to act fast

outdoor advertising
shock viewer into awareness
no more then 7 words of copy
color for readabilty

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